Italian football


Deep, data-driven insights on Italian football from Opta

Opta delivers the most cutting edge and detailed data on every pass, tackle, save and goal from all of the top teams and players in Italy, providing valuable insight that will both excite and engage fans and audiences globally across a variety of platforms.

Our detailed collection methodology has allowed high-profile customers such as Calciomercato, Inter Milan and Gazzetta dello Sport to drive fans to their sites with engaging and unique content that excites. We have an expert editorial staff based in Italy to help deliver unique and engaging content for your desired platform in both Italian and English.


Ranging from real-time data feeds through to fully customisable widgets and bespoke editorial services, Opta can provide a fully comprehensive data service whilst also offering detailed next generation data including augmented dataadvanced analytics and predictive analytics. To learn more about Opta's work in next generation data click here.