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The next frontier of sports data, developed by Opta

Opta is committed to advancing sports data usage by the media, professional teams, governing bodies and sport at large. Our passion for sport coupled with our years' of industry experience informs the work we do in this space, including the development of predictive models, analytical metrics and utilising multiple data sources.

Our new metrics have been built by our expert OptaPro team and developed for use by those in the media. These are designed to bring more meaningful and applicable data insights to those covering sport and utilise the latest advances in technology systems and data visualisation.

Our next-generation data services span the following categories, allowing us to support your ambitions in this area whatever your requirements:

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Advanced metrics

New for the 2017-18 soccer season, better understand player and team performance like never before.

Augmented data

Derive greater insights from new data sources.

Predictive analytics

Robust predictive models powered by detailed historical data.

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