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Attract partners and activate existing sponsorships

With sponsors demanding more for their money, it's vital to be able to offer something unique to attract and retain commercial partners.

Opta's depth and breadth of data, collected using a bespoke, globally-consistent methodology, from a huge number of competitions around the world, provides the basis to create innovative, engaging branded content suitable for all channels. This unique variety of information allows sponsors to create material that matches their brand and campaign goals, whether for a one-off activity or long-term campaign.

We work with clubs, leagues, brands and agencies to bring in new sponsors and to help all involved get the most out of their commercial partnerships. Goal Studios, Perform's fully resourced digital football agency, have 10 years' experience of engaging fans as the nature of content and consumption continually evolves, allowing you to connect with the new breed of fan.

See some examples of our work below:



Our expert editorial team create engaging sport content ideally suited for sponsorship activities


Audi bring football insights to MLS

Learn how Audi use Opta to create bespoke content to support their MLS sponsorship

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Goal Studios

Perform's agency of digital sport experts can help you get the most from your sponsorship

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See how IBM worked with Opta data to create content to engage with Rugby fans

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