Connecting brands to sport

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Create credible, bespoke content partnerships

With so many brands looking to reach sports fans, it is difficult to stand out and appear credible. The incorporation of quality Opta data into content allows you to differentiate your output whilst increasing your relevance to sport fans. 

We work with brands from all industries to help them understand how they can better cut-through by using data across content. Our experienced data editorial team are on-hand to support the creation of long and short-form content that incorporates rich, insightful data that can be used across your outputs.

Goal Studios, Perform's fully resourced digital agency, are uniquely positioned to connect your brand with the new breed of sports fan. With 10 years' experience of engaging audiences as content and consumption habits continually evolve, these data-literate sport experts are on-hand to create effective fan-focused brand experiences.  

See some examples of our work below:


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