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Informing decision-making within professional sport

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Since its formation in 2012, OptaPro has been dedicated to helping professional teams enhance performance through data-driven match analysis, opposition scouting and recruitment.

Powered by the most comprehensive database in sport, OptaPro has developed a suite of bespoke analytical products – integrated with match footage – that fit the unique challenges leagues, federations and professional clubs face.

With recruitment management company Scout7 becoming part of OptaPro in October 2017, OptaPro supports clubs across a range of areas, from providing cutting edge analytics tools to supporting global scouting departments for over 300 professional teams.

Working closely with managers, heads of recruitment, academy analysts, first-team analysts, scouts and coaches, OptaPro is exclusively focused on enhancing performance within the professional game. With so much at stake in the professional game today, teams require access to not only the most accurate data delivered at the quickest pace, but also that performance data is shared and presented with context that is relevant to the game, and can help inform and influence future decisions that impact on-field performance.

Opta is unique in its ability offer the same deep, consistent data and provide it to all sectors in the sporting world, through bespoke products tailored to client types, whether they be in media, a rights holder or a professional team.

See some examples of OptaPro's work below: