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Social-ready data and content from Opta

Opta can provide you with truly differentiated social output thanks to our combination of editorial expertise, rich live data and unique content, which lifts your content above your competitors. 

Opta Facts and insights provide the perfect ammo for your social content. Use these sharp, succinct snippets to engage with your audience on social media or use them to add colour to long-form pieces.

Graphics and content from the likes of Playing Surface, SoLive and GoalShouter, all integrated with our data, provide easy-to-use, customisable solutions that work across social platforms. Whether comparing players, summarising individual performances or making social copy more visual, these represent a straightforward means of enriching your social output.

Through Omnisport, Perform's sports content agency, you can further boost your social presence through unique, Opta-powered social-ready video products. Packages including viral clips and statistically-informed automated match previews covering the biggest leagues and players provide an arsenal of engaging content.

See some examples of our work below:


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