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Enrich your sports coverage with Opta

Opta provides the detail and information to take your content, whatever its format, to the next level. We have the raw numbers to let you review players, teams and competitions in detail, allowing you to make informed judgements and find new angles to differentiate your coverage.

Our data can be accessed through a number of products and tools. This variety allows us to offer solutions that work with your existing technology platforms and level of technical understanding.

We have highly customisable, easy to implement, widgets covering 15 sports in 34 languages which allow you to show gameday action in an engaging visual format. Our new advanced metrics are a great way of uncovering new narratives and gaining deeper insights on the action. Our experienced editorial team supply clients with facts and information that can create or inform a story. 

Through Omnisport, Perform's sports content agency, extend and enrich your coverage with a wide range of video and editorial packages, including innovative Opta-powered products.

Find out more information on how we can help you with:

Supporting your sporting coverage
Infographics and data visualisations
Content for social media