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Increase sportsbook trading efficiency

We collect live, accurate, detailed data across our global collection hubs to offer an essential service for sportsbook trading teams. Our unique database covers 20 year's worth of data, which has been collected using a consistent methodology throughout.

Opta data permits greater accuracy in pricing and development of novel gaming concepts and gives operators the edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Replace manual operational burden for pricing, managing and settling request-a-bets. Our solutions have been developed in association with leading trading floors, tailored for trading use.

RunningBall, also part of Perform Group, provides the quickest data available, for a huge number of leagues and competitions. This fast data can be used alongside detailed Opta data to power betting markets.

Data feeds

Access deep, detailed data for a huge number of competitions through our extensive range of feeds

Data Feeds


Interogate Opta's deep historical database using our suite of tools



Industry-leading fast data designed for bookmakers and betting companies

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