Fast Player Statistics

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Our Fast Player Statistics Feed is here to change the football betting experience

Sky Bet utilise Opta's Fast Player Statistics service to offer their customers a next-level betting experience

Capitalise on the explosion of fan interest in player performance with the brand new FPS service from Opta, the world’s most trusted sports data provider.

The new Opta Fast Player Statistics feed delivers:

  • Detailed player stats: shots, tackles, passes and more
  • Delivered real-time for the first time ever
  • Instant settlement of player props bets
  • More player markets, pre-match and live
  • Automate Bet Builders, same-game accumulators and request-a-bets
  • Dynamic stats tracker
  • Pre-match and in-play, live and historical data

Sky Bet and bet365 are the first customers to develop in-play products powered by the new Opta Fast Player Statistics Feed, including multiple new player betting options and front-end tools to help bettors make decisions and follow their player bets.

Fast Player Statistics market creation and trading: Operators are either ingesting the real-time deep data directly to power their own trading or using pricing providers accredited by Opta such as Sportcast and Banach.

Stats Tracker (front-end use): Use our embeddable, customisable Opta Player Stats Tracker or develop your own from our new feed.

Contact us for a complete list of stats and the 25+ competitions covered, and to discuss how you can elevate your in-play football betting experience to the next level.

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