The OptaJoe Quiz - Play now

Posted 3rd December 2018


Take on the 10th OptaJoe Quiz now

Do you think you have what it takes to tackle the toughest quiz in football? Put your football knowledge to the test and take on the 10th OptaJoe quiz. 

You can take on a new round of the quiz every day this week. 

Monday: Rounds 1 and 2. (Click link below to start)

Tuesday: Rounds 3 and 4. (Click link below to start)


Wednesday: Rounds 5 and 6. (Click link below to start)

Thursday: Rounds 7 and 8. (Click link below to start)

Friday: Rounds 9 and 10. (Click link below). 

What happened on the night?

Last month, 30 teams battled it out for the 10th OptaJoe quiz at Stamford Bridge where Sky Sports Stats team claimed their record fifth crown ahead of the Premier League Productions in a close second and BT Sport Stats team in third. Check out a review of the quiz here

You can access the full questions and answers from the 10th OptaJoe quiz following these links.