Russia 2018: Opta's social content

Posted 27th July 2018

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Opta content has the power to shape narratives

When Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up to take a free kick in the 88th minute of Portugal's World Cup opener, his side were trailing 3-2 to Iberian rivals Spain, in need of something special. Enter Portugal's talisman as Ronaldo buried the chance, breaking Spanish hearts in the process and becoming the oldest player to score a hat trick in a World Cup match.

Following Ronaldo's third goal, Opta released a range of content related to the event across all of our platforms, including Live Facts and Twitter, which over the next 24 hours went viral. OptaJoe's tweets gained more than 10k retweets, almost 20k likes and were seen by almost 2.1m people around the world in this short period of time, illustrating Opta's global presence within the sporting world. This is a great example how Opta continues to use data to entertain and inform fans, providing spectators around the world with exciting and engaging content.



Our OptaJoe Twitter account had a particularly successful World Cup, gaining 90m impressions, more than 500k likes and retweets, whilst engaging with almost 2.3m other Twitter accounts, entertaining and engaging fans along the way. However, OptaJoe was not the only one of our twitter accounts to shine throughout Russia 2018. Our social media accounts played a prominent role in the coverage of the World Cup across the world, whilst Japan's OptaJiro account performed especially well, breaking their retweet record following Opta stats related to Japan's disciplinary record, updating fans with engaging and interesting content.

Equally, numerous pundits and celebrities have tweeted and posted Opta facts and data around the world including Gary Linker in the BBC's coverage of the World Cup, displaying Opta's ability to provide data around the world that fans desire. Likewise, Opta stats were posted by some of the game's greats throughout Russia 2018 such as Diego Maradona, showcasing Opta's presence as the home of football data across the world and an ability to shape the narratives of the world's biggest sporting moments.


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