Russia 2018: Best client examples

Posted 9th August 2018

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Opta-powered content helped clients reach fans during Russia 2018

Opta provided contextual, consistent and credible data throughout the duration of the World Cup, bringing fans closer to the action whilst optimising viewers's experiences at one of the world's premier sporting events. Data was used extensively throughout the tournament, providing fans with interesting stats before, during and after every game of Russia 2018. Here are some of our best examples.

Clients across the globe used our data throughout the tournament. 

Using a vast pool of extensively detailed data and statistical analysis, Opta's World Cup predictor model provided projections for the outcome of the tournament and ahead of the World Cup kicking off, Spanish site Diario AS posted the model to give fans a flavour of what's to come ahead of the competition. Equally, The Times of India and the Hindustan Times, some of the largest media outlets in India, used Opta data in their articles previewing tournament fixtures, allowing Opta content to be seen by more than 2m viewers every morning.

During the half-time interval of England's World Cup quarter-final with Sweden, the BBC's Gary Lineker used Opta data in addressing the key moments from the game so far which offered fans a platform for analysing team performances during the match.

Following England's Last 16 shootout victory over Columbia, German newspaper ZEIT used a pool of historical Opta data to illustrate all of the World Cup penalties taken since 1966. 


Likewise, the BBC used an extensive pool of Opta data throughout the tournament both in preview and post game. This included a half-time touch map of Jordan Henderson during England's quarter-final with Sweden.

Following France's victory over Argentina, French online magazine used Opta's xG metric to analyse Benjamin Pavard's stunning strike, entertaining fans whilst providing a greater insight into the xG metric. Likewise, following their exit from the tournament, Swiss site used Opta data in an analysis of the Swiss National Team, breaking down individual performances with stats such as pass completion and touches of the ball to provide further informative content.  

The 2018 World Cup will undoubtedly be remembered for the prominent role played by VAR, with US website FiveThirtyEight using a plethora of historical Opta data in an analysis of how VAR influences the success rate of penalty kicks. 

Through our global presence we are uniquely able to provide engaging and informative content to fans all over the world, cementing our status as the home of football data across the globe.

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