OptaJoe and OptaFranz launch World Cup Amazon Alexa Quizzes

By Alex Roberts

Posted 6th June 2018


Think you know everything there is to know about the World Cup? Think you’ve got what it takes to take on OptaJoe? 

Put yourself to the test with our new Amazon Alexa World Cup quiz.

OptaJoe World Cup Alexa Quiz: How it works 

Utilising Opta’s market-leading database we’ve created the ultimate World Cup football quiz, packed with hundreds of questions, on everything World Cup. It’s the ultimate test for any football fan.  

Answer questions such as:

  • Name the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final?
  • Which player picked up the fastest red card in World Cup finals history?
  • Which is the most common fixture at World Cup finals?

The quiz is available now to download onto any Amazon voice-enabled device from the UK and US Amazon Alexa stores, and will be available in German shortly. 

Download now

We’d be pleased to hear how you get on, so let us know on Twitter through @OptaSuit.



Exploring the use of new technologies to enhance fans' sports experience

We spoke to Pauline Smyth, Product Owner at Perform Group, who developed our new Alexa Skills alongside Amazon and the data editorial team at Opta.


Can you give us a bit of insight into the project, how the skill was developed and why we utilised voice-powered technologies?

“After getting an Amazon Echo I was amazed at how much I was using it and the various skills that are available on the platform.

Voice recognition is everywhere at the minute, it’s not just Amazon that are making product developments in this area - Google have launched their Google Home, Apple have Siri standalone speaker and both companies have opened their SDK’s to allow developers to create skills. The number of different devices that support voice interaction is also growing.

I was interested in the underlying technology and how we can combine this with Perform (Opta) data to create new platforms for sports fans to enrich the sport experience.

Initial proposals were discussed across our product team and we decided to create a quiz skill, as our first foray into this type of technology.  Amazon have helped to guide us during the development of the skill and ran initial beta tests with their internal users which has really helped us in the creation of this skill.”

As a business, we’re always looking to deliver cutting-edge sport experiences. What’s your opinion on voice-powered technologies and how they can deliver against this objective?

“The skill was meant as a way to internally showcase development in this space, and to help kickstart conversations within the industry about what is possible for this type of technology and how it can enhance how sport is consumed and enjoyed.

I believe that the way end users interact with technology and consume services will change over the next few years with the use of voice control becoming increasingly more popular.”

Pauline Smyth - Product Owner, Perform

 How can Opta and Perform help customers develop sport-based Alexa (and other similar) products?

The amount of sports data Perform collect, analyse and distribute, there are endless opportunities to take advantage of this type of technology.

Sports fans could be listening to the latest headlines and sports news from our editorial content or getting a notification sent directly to their device with a score update when their favourite team is playing. It could be in the creation of a new API that is consuming data from our Sports Data API platform to enable our customers to power their own voice controlled apps or create chat bot applications.

The latest Echo devices from Amazon contain a display screen so it opens up even further opportunities, such as the consumption of video content or displaying Opta widgets to tell even more immersive sporting stories.”


If you would like to find out more about our sports content offering and how it can be used to power and inform voice-powered technologies and virtual assistants, get in touch using the form below.


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