Opta to speak at Sport Matters Festival

Posted 4th September 2018

Sport Matters Hero.png

Opta speaking at two panels during the Sport Matters Singapore

A number of Perform employees will be attending the Sport Matters Festival in Singapore next week, including Opta's Duncan Alexander, who will appear on two panels.

Firstly, Duncan will feature alongside John Dykes (Presenter, Fox Sports Asia) and Gareth Capon (CEO of Grabyo) on Tuesday 11th September at 11.50am in the Millenia 2 space, for the panel "Joining the Dots: Using Data in Contemporary Storytelling". This will look at how data can help both tell the story and aid those tasked with producing it as many younger fans follow individual players rather than clubs and demand succinct, short-form content.

On Wednesday 12th September at 9:15am, Duncan will appear on the main stage, discussing "Insights as a Service: The Future of Live Sports Data". The panel will discuss how the past two decades of football coverage have grown into a relentless 24/7 storytelling beast that needs constant feeding with context and information. The panel will then emphasise the rapid rise of data from sources such as Opta, who employ teams of editors to unearth the insights that shape the narratives that capture fans' attention.

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