Opta partner with KPMG for new player tool

Posted 5th September 2018

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Opta have collaborated with KMPG to help launch new player valuation tool

Opta have partnered with KPMG Football Benchmark to launch their new player valuation tool. Players are often perceived to be the most valuable asset of a football club and Opta's collaboration with KPMG is helping to provide an independent and reliable evaluation of player values.

The player valuation tool uses an extensive pool of Opta data to analyse player performance, a key element when establishing player values. This will allow stakeholders within the football industry to gain a greater understanding of what comprises a player's value.

The tool also accounts for a range of features including market values, performance metrics, player comparisons and an analysis of the drivers in market values to assist industry stakeholders better understand the subject of player values. 

 On the launch of the new tool, Andrea Sartori, Global Head of Sports at KPMG said:

"Leveraging the wide range and accuracy of Opta's performance data, we aim to continue supporting the executive decision makers with a more sophisticated approach around the valuation of football players".

Meanwhile, Andrew Cox, Managing Director of Opta said:

"KPMG's Player Valuation Platform is an innovative new industry tool that Opta are delighted to have been chosen to support" and that the use of Opta data provides "an objective view of player performances - an essential consideration in player recruitment".

 This is just a small part of Opta's ongoing partnership with KPMG, where we are also assisting them in delivering content to promote their work in football.

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