How Opta supported our clients during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Posted 29th July 2019

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Relive how Opta supported our clients during the Cricket World Cup

Opta delivered detailed, ball-by-ball data and provided batting, bowling and fielding data for every delivery bowled at this year's ICC Cricket World Cup. 

At every Cricket World Cup fixture, Opta had an experienced in-ground scorer recording all the action as it unfolded. This data was then supplied to clients around the world through our range of feeds, widgets and other services including our new Cricket Live Monitor. A member of our data editorial team was also present at every game, providing data-powered insights to those covering the action for media, as well as supporting the stadium announcer with key stats and milestones to inform those witnessing the action.

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Throughout the tournament we captured every delivery

Opta captured ball-by-ball data for every single one of the 24,700 deliveries bowled across the 48 matches at this year's ICC Cricket World Cup. 

Our data editorial team supported both Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket with insightful content. Both received our enhanced match preview packs, Opta Facts and also had access to our live helpdesk service. The team also produced a stream of social content via our OptaJim twitter feed. 

Players of the tournament: The Opta numbers

Opta's services provided throughout the tournament:

Data-powered content:


Throughout the tournament, our expert editorial team used our extensive archives, as well as live data, to create rich insights to lift our clients social content above their competitors.

Across our detailed pre-game communication packs, live helpdesk, bespoke content production and more, we allowed our clients to create engaging social content before, during and after every fixture.

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Long-form editorial

Our experienced data editorial teams produced engaging long form content powered by data-driven insights. Cricket Australia in particular used our work to deliver compelling sports coverage that analysed the threat of Afghanistan's Rashid Khan, Chris Gayle's weaknesses and the benefits of bowling spin against the West Indies.

Long-form editorial services

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Preview Packs

Prior to every single game, our data editorial team prepared in-depth preview match packs, providing the perfect preparation to commentary teams. The packs contained statistics, tables and insight including Opta Facts, which bring one-line data-driven insights that help shape pre-match narratives, highlight key in-game moments and provide insights for highlights and social media content after the game.

Details on our preview packs

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We captured ball-by-ball data in real time before delivering this to our clients through an extensive range of feeds.

During the tournament our data feeds underpinned broadcast graphics, fed our widgets and powered match centres across the world for global clients such as the ECB, Lord's and the BBC. 

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Opta's feeds power the match centres of the biggest names in cricket


Our range of self-service tools provided unique access to the Opta database throughout the Cricket World Cup. Most notable of these was our brand new Cricket Live Monitor, a central hub where users can access live Opta cricket data, widgets and player information on fixtures as they happen.

It features an in-game two-way messaging chat box, giving users instant communication to our editorial teams, allowing them to ask personalised and individual queries. It also gives clients access to a live stream of Opta Facts as the action unfolds. In the example below, our data editorial team have used the tool to send an Opta Fact about Jofra Archer. This insight was then immediately used across the BBC's live text feed and on TMS' social channels. 

Advanced Analytics

Our data scientists work across sports, building analytical metrics and predictive models to bring deeper understanding to the on-field action, utilising our extensive historical database as well other data sources.

Ahead of the World Cup, our advanced predictive model assessed the batting and bowling strength of each team since the 2015 World Cup and used these to generate probabilities for each match based on the comparative strengths of the teams and the venue. The match probabilities are then used to map out the progress of each team throughout the tournament based on 100,000 possible simulated timeline.

The model had England, the eventual winners, as finishing narrowly in second place behind India.

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"The live monitor is absolutely brilliant. It’s a real game changer for the live text team, and I know the social media team are using it too.” Marc Higginson, Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC

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