WebSocket Delivery

Posted 28th August 2019

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Receive the maximum level of detail and the lowest latency 

Bring those across football the highest level of detailed, accurate performance data, updating after every on-ball event through Opta's new WebSocket feeds. Use these to provide evermore demanding audiences with rich, engaging experiences which update as close to real-time as possible. 

Web-sockets deliver every on-ball event, as it happens

What are WebSocket Delivery Feeds?

Push feeds utilising WebSocket technology to provide a 1:1 connection, which stream data on every on-ball event, as it is collected, straight to clients. Each event is delivered individually, reducing the size of each data packet, further aiding delivery speed. WebSocket Feeds also provide aggregated player and team statistics.  

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Unique to us

As part of Stats Perform, we benefit from a wealth of experience from all sectors of the sports industry. RunningBall’s ultra-fast data product underpins global bookmakers in-play betting products with data delivered direct from stadiums in under a secondThis expertise and technology has been combined with Opta’s deep performance data capabilities to create our new WebSocket feeds 

Shifts in fans habits and behaviours led us to recognise the demand for detailed player betting marketsAs such we developed our new Fast Player Statistics service from the ground-up, starting with our delivery method – WebSockets  to deliver the level of detail required at the regularity our customers required to price and create these markets. Outside of betting, fans want access to evermore information as quickly as possible and WebSockets deliver performance-level data at a faster rate than ever before, keeping audiences as up-to-date as possible  

Betting, fantasy and digital

Retain user attention and increase your brand's exposure with visually-rich experiences which update after every on-ball event through WebSocket delivery. Include 'live' ball location detail by constantly updating player and team info. 

WebSocket feeds power our Live Action Widget, which is used by some of the biggest betting brands and digital platforms in sport, including bet365, L'Équipe and Kicker. Thanks to instant, live updates, which include ball location and player event detail delivered through the feeds, we were able to create a more complex visualisation which better recreates live, on-pitch action.

A number of major betting operators including Sky Bet, GVC and bet365 are using our Fast Player Stats product to offer betting markets all underpinned by by Opta WebSocket feeds. We deliver up-to-the-second detailed player and team statistics to bookmakers and trading floors for over 2,500+ matches per year enabling them to effectively trade, price and take bets on in-play player betting markets with confidence at scale.


Broadcasters can deliver their audiences updates after every on-ball event, through graphics powered by our WebSocket feeds, keeping viewers more informed on the action as it unfolds.  

These more regular updates improve production efficiency, reducing any manual requirements to record non-key events.  

Data visualisations within OTT broadcasts and second screen experiences, focused on player and team stats, can also benefit from receiving live data through WebSocketswith information being updated after every single on-ball event. 


Broadcasters can deliver their audiences with updates after every on-ball event.

Player stats tracker allows a deeper connection to the game and its participants


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