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Posted 4th September 2019

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Engage fans with rich online content 

Opta’s deep, detailed data can power the online and social spaces of individual players, allowing them to create engaging and unique content for use across their digital channels.



Digital media allows players to engage directly with their fans, and provides openings for new commercial opportunities with related brands and sponsors. This, coupled with the new era of fandom, encompassing the trend of younger fans increasingly following players over teams and forming digital fan communities, creates a clear opportunity for players to expand and improve their digital presence. Fans are now much more likely to change allegiances, which provides the perfect opportunity for players to increase engagement using their personal brand.





Opta data

Opta’s highly accurate and consistent data spans a number of sporting competitions and is considered the industry standard. Covering everything from full-time scores, down to the time, position and categorisation of every on-ball action, data can be used to create bespoke content or to inform longform video and written features. Our feeds power sporting experiences across all media types, including some of the world’s biggest websites, mobile apps, and more, to create truly insightful content.



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Marco Asensio powers the statistics section of his official website with Opta data.

Powering social media

Opta data is available in social ready formats.

Grow your brand in digital and social spaces by engaging fans.

Our editorial team are experts at providing insightful data and unique content in social ready formats. Fans increasingly use social media platforms to follow and engage with their favourite athletes. Using Opta data within context can enhance this engagement by highlighting a player’s individual influence in a single fixture, or across an entire season. This brings their audiences closer to the action as it happens, and aids in building the strength of a player’s personal brand, which can assist in securing sponsorship.


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Ready-made solutions

Opta provides a variety of ready-to-use widgets that can be used to display a broad range of statistics and match data in visually engaging formats. Our widgets can be fully customised to align with a player or club’s look and feel, transforming the way that sports data is presented. 

Content can be easily integrated into official player and club websites, mobile apps and more to keep fans updated on live action as-it-happens, while providing a means of reviewing historical performances.


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Our data for players in action

Many professional players have used Opta data to power their social channels, official websites and more. Mesut Ozil and Edi Cavani both use a range of Opta-powered content across their official websites and various social channels, including Instagram and Twitter. Our data allows both players and their followers to gain a greater understanding about player performances and therefore assists in strengthening a player's personal brand.

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