Leonardo Bonucci powers his digital platforms with Opta data

Leonardo Bonucci powers his digital platforms with Opta data

Leonardo Bonucci

Opta powers Italy and Juventus star, Bonucci's online presence

A new era of fandom

With the rise in digital media, the proximity of fans to their favourite athletes is growing, creating a new era of fandom. Fans today will follow players irrespective of the team they play for, with their allegiances changeable. In this new era, players can use their digital and social spaces to capitalise on their large yet intimate audiences, creating a personal brand that can assist in securing sponsorship opportunities. 


Opta power Bonucci's social and digital platforms



From powering the stats section of his personal website, to insightful and bespoke content in his social spaces, Opta data powers a range of sporting experiences and platforms.

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Opta established a partnership to power Leonardo Bonucci's online presence. Opta provided the raw data to the Italy and Juventus star, to create bespoke content that is informative and rich, driving fan engagement. Opta data was integrated into editorial content, enriching Bonucci's social media offering, as seen in his Instagram stories.


"Thanks to Opta data my fans can be constantly updated about my performance throughout my career. They’re also extremely useful for my social media activities and represent an added value to the communication with my fans and followers"

Leonardo Bonucci, Italy and Juventus.

Opta’s highly accurate and consistent data spans a number of sporting competitions and is considered the industry standard. Covering everything from full-time scores, down to the time, position and categorisation of every on-ball action, Bonucci has access to a wealth of data, aiding in the creation of completely bespoke content for his digital platforms.


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