Duracell maximise sponsorship of 2015 Rugby World Cup

Duracell maximise sponsorship of 2015 Rugby World Cup
Duracell maximise sponsorship of 2015 Rugby World Cup


Opta partner with Duracell to help maximise their sponsorship of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Opta’s broad data coverage helps power the PowerCheck campaign

Duracell were looking for unique ways to raise the profile of their brand by utilising their sponsorship of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Opta were tasked with providing a full data coverage including feeds, data-led videos, data editorial pieces and historic data from previous World Cups.

Along with providing live data from all fixtures, Opta created a unique algorithm for Duracell to use in the creation of their PowerCheck campaign. This bespoke service, along with the additional content provided by Opta, allowed Duracell to raise their profile by increasing engagement with fans through their social media platforms as well as enhancing the brands press coverage.

This illustrates the ways in which Opta can work with brands to help activate their sponsorships through the delivery of compelling content to help engage fans.


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Project goals

Rugby PG.png

Ensuring brand activation by connecting Duracell with rugby fans through social media

Project Goal Circle Image.png

Maximising campaign success by engaging fans in compelling analytic content

Rugby PG 2.png

Placing Duracell at the forefront of rugby coverage for the World Cup through compelling social content

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