Die Welt enrich their coverage of German Sport


Die Welt

Opta and Stats Perform News help newspaper to further engage fans in the Bundesliga and Formula 1

German newspaper Die Welt were looking to modernise their content to engage their millions of readers in their sports coverage.

By partnering with Opta and Omnisport, Perform's video and editorial business, Die Welt were able to enrich their coverage of some of Germany’s most popular sports competitions, including the Bundesliga and Formula 1.

Opta and Stats Perform News' broad product suite, including data, editorial content, videos, widgets and live tickers were optimised to produce unique content to be utilised across Die Welt’s digital and print platforms. This included four page round-up pieces and fact files for the Bundesliga as well as detailed topic and roundup papers which were delivered pre and post each F1 race.

Thanks to Opta’s 360 degree data support, Die Welt were able to produce insightful and engaging content to keep their large reader base in touch with their favourite sports.


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