Colossal Sports Management power player insights using Opta data

Colossal Sports Management power player insights using Opta data

Colossal Sports Management

Colossal Sports Management use Opta data to power deep player insights 

Colossal Sports Management have created a sports management platform to provide complete solutions to elite players everywhere, providing an all-encompassing service that goes "beyond transfers and boot deals". Colossal have launched a brand new digital platform, showcasing the bespoke, unmatched service they provide to a select, exclusive pool of players. 

Colossal represent players from a multitude of leagues and continents, from the MLS to the Bundesliga, down to the U18 Premier League, thanks to Opta's extensive database, Colossal have been able to integrate current stats for their players across seasons, using both historical and current sports data feeds from Opta.


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Colossal have created sleek, detailed overviews of individualised player performance statistics using Opta's data feeds.

Colossal use Opta data to create detailed, personalised hubs


Through Opta's sports data feed, Colossal have integrated detailed, individualised statistics for their players, such as Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Premier League champion Raheem Sterling.

The player stats section of the website provides a deep insight into work rate, pass rate, chance creation and much more, presenting the attributes of their players through a data-driven lens.

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Colossal's new digital platform serves as an enhancement of every one of their client's personal brands, acting as a personalised hub of their historical and current data. Colossal are also planning to integrate live Opta data to create a completely updated, last game played stats section.

Opta's data is personalised for each player, showcasing attacking statistics for front-men like Raheem Sterling, and defensive statistics such as aerial duels won and successful fifty-fifties for defenders like Reece Oxford, ensuring content is personally relevant.

"With Opta, we have been able to take our audience on a digital journey to explore the career of our clients from a different angle. The data provided has been game-changing and has successfully allowed us to take our website to the next level."

Colossal Sports Management 


Project goals

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Showcase Colossal's clients in an insightful, informative way.

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Drive traffic to their brand new digital platform, engaging audiences with sleek and detailed insights.

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Position Colossal at the forefront of the sports management industry, creating a completely unique platform in the UK industry. 

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