Audi bring football insights to MLS

Audi bring football insights to MLS


Audi partners with Opta to take football insight to the next level in MLS

Opta work with the brand to push the boundaries of data usage in sport

Audi were looking to activate their MLS sponsorship by engaging football fans in a new and innovative way. Opta partnered with Audi to achieve this by creating a means of projecting Audi branded assets across all MLS estates. 

Through taking Opta’s detailed data feeds, Audi were able to create the Audi Player index which takes Opta data and runs it through a unique algorithm to produce a statistical measure of how players are performing. The Player index was utilised across all MLS coverage including in-game analysis and social media platforms. 


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Project goals

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Maximising brand activation by connecting Audi with soccer fans

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Strengthening Audi's partnership with the MLS by increasing analytic value of the league's broadcast and digital platforms

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Developing innovative ways for fans to access a deeper level statistical insight

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