The Opta difference

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Detailed data to power your content and coverage

Opta’s data is recorded, analysed and distributed using a bespoke system that allow us to provide our data quickly, reliably and securely to customers through a range of solutions.

The process begins with the data collection itself, which is carried out by our expert data analysts in hubs located around the world and is supported by in-stadium analysts. We use bespoke software to record the action to the highest level of detail, live, for a range of sports. This information is stored in our extensive database and distributed to clients around the world. We offer feeds, widgets, expert editorial support and other options to ensure we have a solution suited to a customer’s needs, technologies and platforms.

We are the only sports data business that collects and distributes full, time-stamped, contextual data live, featuring complete x/y co-ordinates (as well as z co-ordinates where applicable, such as shots in football), and a granularity of event type unique amongst data providers.

None of this would be possible without our team of analysts. We invest significant time and effort in training them in our tools and methodology, this allows us to guarantee the quality and consistency of our data across all the leagues and competitions we cover.

We divide our data into four different tiers, allowing us to maximise your available options, as shown below:

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