Adding detail to official programming

Opta are experienced at helping broadcasters maximise the quality of their high-profile rights, engaging and enthralling millions of viewers in the process.

3-2-2 - #ARG have lost their last 3 Copa America finals, their last 2 Confederations Cup finals & their last 2 World Cup finals. Bridesmaids 1 hours ago

27 - Lionel Messi fired in more shots than any other player at Copa America, but scored just once. Scattergun. 1 hours ago

20 - Robin van Persie has made more than 20 starts in only four of his 11 Premier League seasons. Intermittent. 2 hours ago

2 - #ARG are the only team to have lost 2 Copa America finals at the penalty shootout, today and in 2004 vs #BRA. Taboo. 17 hours ago

1 - #ARG are the first team to have lost a World Cup final and a Copa America final in a row. Sadness 17 hours ago

1 - #CHI won their first Copa America after 173 games played in this competition. Congratulations. 18 hours ago

20 - England Women's previous 20 matches against Germany had produced two draws and 18 defeats. Breakthrough. 18 hours ago

84.43 - #CHI 0-0 #ARG was the match with the highest passing accuracy in the first half of a Copa America final since 1993, 84.43%. Quality 20 hours ago

0 - England's only previous goalless draw at WWC tournaments was against Germany, in 2007. Reprise. 19 hours ago

100 - Laura Bassett had 100% passing accuracy in the 1st half against Germany, completing all 20 passes attempted. Exemplary. 20 hours ago

Enhancing broadcast productions

Integration into the live broadcast environment

Opta have extensive experience of integrating bespoke data feeds and editorial services into live broadcast environments.  Opta can help add additional context to a match or the opinion of a broadcaster, as well as significantly enhance technical infrastructure by integrating:

  • Detailed data into live graphic production software
  • Metadata to create efficient video archiving processes and reduce editing times
  • Metadata for automated clip generation
  • Live editorial services to support the production process

Some of our data in action

BBC showing action areas for the Scotland v South Africa game using Opta data.

Opta player data is used to construct a head-to-head comparison

Sky Sport using Opta data to show average formation

Sky Sport using Opta data to show Everton's average formation against Man Utd

The Hego touchscreen can integrate detailed Opta performance data such as player touch and pass maps.