Creating new sponsorship inventory

An official data partnership with Opta is the ideal way to add new and exciting sponsorship categories.

6 - #POR have reached the quarter finals of the EURO for the 6th time, more than any other team. Heroes. 6 hours ago

1 - There was one second between the first shot on target (116:08) and the last shot on target (116:09) of #POR v #CRO. Blink. 6 hours ago

1 - Ricardo Quaresma has scored the first goal in extra time at the Euros since Andrey Arshavin in 2008 (v Netherlands). Breakthrough. 7 hours ago

0 - There were no shots on target in #CROPOR inside 90 minutes. Snooze. 7 hours ago

19 - Cristiano Ronaldo had just 19 touches in the first half against #CRO, and none in the opposition box. Struggle. 8 hours ago

25 - Pepe's header for #POR was the first shot in this game, after 24 minutes and 40 seconds of play. Testing. 9 hours ago

3 - #POR have won all three of their encounters with #CRO, scoring six goals and conceding none. Dominant. 9 hours ago

10 - #CRO have lost only one of their last 10 games at the European Championships, winning six and drawing three. Strong. 9 hours ago

100 - Nani is the fourth Portuguese player to reach 100 caps, after Ronaldo, Figo and Couto. Centurion. 10 hours ago

1 - #WAL are the first team to win a match in the KO stages of the Euros with just 1 shot on target since Greece in the 2004 final. Minimal. 10 hours ago

Creating new revenue streams

Establishing new sponsorship categories

Opta can help to establish new sponsorship categories with data. Right holders can capitalise on the growing interest of fans in data, delivering new sponsorship, advertising or betting revenues from official data. 

Enhanced inventory across all platforms

Opta have experience of bringing together official data rights with global and localised sponsors. Creating opportunities to become the Official Sports Data Technology Partner, Official Player Performance Sponsor or Official Media Data Partner are areas of opportunity that Opta has experience in. This all contributes to incremental revenues for rights holders.

How Opta data has been used

Investec Player Profiles created from Opta data

The FourFourTwo StatsZone app allows users to analyse and share live stats on their iOS devices, as the game progresses.

Investec Bowling Heat Maps

Squawka Performance v Time

A new generation of cutting edge football analysis website is possible due to Opta's data. Highly detailed performance data is the new benchmark for footbal publishers worldwide. 

MLS Match Centre Chalkboard

MLS Leaders according to Opta data

Opta assisted Castrol with content for their social media output, including their Facebook page

ERC Player Profile

Premiership Rugby Formations

ECB Cricket Live App

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