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337 - QPR v West Ham in April saw fewer successful passes than any other Premier League game in 2014-15. Functional. 3 hours ago

5 - Newcastle’s Moussa Sissoko picked up five bookings for dissent, more than any other PL player in 2014-15. Chatty. 3 hours ago

6 - QPR’s Rob Green made more errors leading to a goal than any other Premier League player in 2014-15. Butter. 3 hours ago

11 - In 2014-15 Wayne Rooney became the first player to score 10+ goals in 11 successive Premier League seasons. Guarantee. 3 hours ago

10 - Diego Costa reached 10 PL goals in just nine games; the only player to reach double figures in fewer is Mick Quinn (6). Sprint. 3 hours ago

4 - George Boyd is the 4th player to play for two relegated teams in the same PL season (+ Mark Robins, Steve Kabba & David Nugent). Doomy. 3 hours ago

52 - Liverpool scored 52 league goals in 2014-15. Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge scored 52 league goals between them in 2013-14. Missed. 16 hours ago

0 - Man City were the only Premier League team not to draw a game 0-0 this season. Entertainers. 18 hours ago

12 - Today is the 12th occasion that Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have scored PL goals on the same day. Together. 18 hours ago

274 - Chelsea have topped the table for 274 days this season, a record in a single Premier League campaign. Dominant. 18 hours ago

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