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25 - There were 25 Premier League goals scored today - no day in PL history has seen more goals scored with six games played exactly. Feast. 7 hours ago

14 - Jamie Vardy (14) has now scored the most goals by a Leicester player in a single Premier League campaign. Lauded. 7 hours ago

1 - Bastian Schweinsteiger has scored his first goal since May (v Mainz for Bayern Munich). Level. 9 hours ago

11 - Jamie Vardy has become the first Premier League player to score in 11 consecutive appearances. Record. 9 hours ago

10 - Manchester United have won 10 of the last 11 PL matches against Leicester City, the exception being this fixture last season. Haunt. 10 hours ago

48 - The 13 Premier League games involving Leicester City this season have seen 48 goals scored. Entertainers. 10 hours ago

10 - Newcastle United have fewer points after 14 matches than in any previous Premier League campaign. Bird. 10 hours ago

5 - Aston Villa have the joint-fewest points of any team in any season in Premier League history after 14 matches. Struggle. 10 hours ago

2 - The two latest goals in the Premier League this season were scored in Bournemouth v Everton (94:45 & 97:13). Drama. 10 hours ago

5 - Crystal Palace have scored five goals in a Premier League game for the first time. High. 10 hours ago

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