Accurate & consistent metadata

All of Opta's data is embedded with timecodes and metadata to help broadcasters reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

3 - Despite scoring after only 1 min 54 secs, Fernandinho's goal vs Sunderland is only City's 3rd quickest of the season in the PL. Rapid. 2 minutes ago

6 - Sergio Aguero has now provided six Premier League assists this season, three times as many as he did in 2012-13. Dreamy. 5 minutes ago

5 - The Eagles have failed to find the net in five of their last seven away games in the Premier League. Clipped. 9 minutes ago

2 - Real Madrid have only won two of their last seven Copa del Rey finals, though these were both played in Valencia. Mediterranean. 1 hours ago

50 - Manchester City have scored 50 goals in 15 Premier League games when Sergio Aguero has started this season (3.3 per game). Return. 1 hours ago

3 - the number of goals scored by Nicolas Anelka in his last 32 league games (w/ Shanghai, Juventus & West Brom). Isolated. 6 hours ago

If goals by each club's top scorer weren't counted, Liverpool would have a 10 point lead at the top of the PL from Chelsea. 6 hours ago

3 - Since playing Man City in the Capital One Cup final, Sunderland have scored just three goals in six Premier League games. Hangover. 7 hours ago

2 - Manchester City last suffered back to back Premier League defeats in October 2010. Resilient. 7 hours ago

2 - Everton’s last two Premier League goals have been scored by the opposition. Bonus. 8 hours ago

Logging & archiving

Accurate & consistent broadcast metadata

Opta understands the need for accurate and consistent broadcast metadata to assist your production workflows and create practical and usable match logs and video archives.

Opta's unique data collection system means that we embed all of our data with time codes and metadata which work together to help broadcasters to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Embedded in widely used broadcast software packages

We have partnered with the most widely used services in the broadcast industry including:

  • EVS. Our data has been formatted to EVS IP Director format to allow automated integration and clip generation.
  • Ardendo. Opta data has also been integrated with Ardendo MAM software to make searching and archiving as easy as possible.
  • Logging & Data Feeds. Our timestamped data is ideal for logging key match events in a robust and consistent manner and can be integrated into other 3rd party software packages.