Supporting presenters & pundits

Opta is skilled at assisting broadcast talent by integrating our data within touchscreen systems or providing data to support the narrative as it evolves.

21 - The highest scorers after four games of an English top-flight campaign are Preston North End with 21 in 1889-90. Victorian. 51 minutes ago

3 - Man Utd have scored fewer than 3 goals in their opening 4 games only 3 times in the top-flight (70-71, 72-73 & 2007-08 - all 2). Scant. 59 minutes ago

2 - Only in 1 previous top-flight campaign (2005-06, 1) have Liverpool scored fewer goals than they have after 4 games this season (2). Dry. 1 hours ago

2 - The other two players to concede 100+ fouls in a PL season since 2003/04 are Carew (07/08) and Fellaini (08/09). Whistle. 6 hours ago

5 - Since 2003/04, there have been 7 examples of a player conceding 100+ fouls in a PL season; Kevin Davies accounts for 5 of them. Elbows. 6 hours ago

4 - Wales have kept four consecutive competitive clean sheets for the first time since 1981. Roaring. 19 hours ago

6 - Only Robert Lewandowski (7) has scored more goals in Euro 2016 qualification than Gareth Bale (6). Rampant. 19 hours ago

8 - Gareth Bale has scored or assisted eight of Wales’ nine goals in Euro 2016 qualification so far (six goals, two assists). Nut. 20 hours ago

8 - Aaron Ramsey lost possession more often than any other player in the first-half against Cyprus tonight. Testing. 20 hours ago

4 - Only Romania (5) have kept more clean sheets in Euro 2016 qualification than Wales (4). Dragons. 21 hours ago


Assisting talent & supporting production teams

Opta data can be used to provide objective data to support the opinions of your presentation teams and studio talent.  Positional data can bring your analysis to life through the use of innovative and insightful visualisations such as player touchmaps and average formation graphics.

Fully integrated with cutting edge touchscreen solutions

To enable the best possible analytical approach, Opta data is fully integrated with a number of touchscreen solutions, including Hego, RT Software and Alston Elliot.

This means that presenters and pundits have a whole range of Opta performance data at their fingertips.  This includes regular match statistics and head to head data but also scales up to the most detailed data such as highly granular player pass maps.

Consistent data across leagues & competitions

For a broadcaster with a suite of rights, Opta are an ideal partner.  We collect data from all of the world's premier sports competitions using the same collection methodology.

This means that production teams can have access to comparative data across leagues and an unmatched historical archive, bringing context to the analysis in a way that no other data supplier can.

Some of the Opta data in action

The Hego touchscreen can integrate detailed Opta performance data such as player touch and pass maps.

Sky Sport using Opta data to show average formation

Sky Sports using Opta player stats

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