An intuitive betting query engine

A data-driven tool for football punters, allowing for complex betting related queries of the Opta football database.

6 - Played for both @HullCity & @SpursOfficial in the @premierleague Gardner Barmby Dawson Huddlestone Marney & Livermore. Answer 9 hours ago

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21 - Of the 26 points Cardiff have earned in the Championship this season, 21 of them have come in home games. Manor. 10 hours ago

7 - Played for both @NUFC and @QPRFC in the @premierleague D Peacock Dyer Ferdinand Jenas Barton Remy & Simpson. Answer 10 hours ago

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9 - Played for both @Everton & West Ham in PL - Burrows Unsworth Hutchison Bilic Cottee Neill Williamson Hitzlsperger & Jacobsen. Answer 11 hours ago

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4 - Name the four players to play for both @chelseafc and @WBAFCofficial in the @premierleague Quiz. #FridayNightOptaPubQuiz 12 hours ago

3 - Played for both @Arsenal and @ManUtd in the @premierleague - Silvestre, van Persie & Welbeck. Answer. #FridayNightOptaPubQuiz 12 hours ago

Opta Trends

Data-driven trends tool

Opta Trends is a data driven tool for football punters.  With it, punters can query a database of historical team fixtures, stats and prices to identify trends that may support a decision to back a team in its next match.

Opta Trends was adapted and is enhanced from Bet Smart Media's existing version of the product that focuses on American Football.

Simple or complex queries

With Opta Trends, punters can quickly see how their favourite football team has performed historically against opponents using criteria specified by the user.  Queries can range from the simple ("How do Chelsea perform when playing at home") to the more complex ("How do Arsenal perform with a price of more than 2.25 versus an opponent that won their last game by 2 goals").  

The easy to use interface lets punters ask questions and test theories in an interactive way.

Betting focused & easy to use

With a betting focus, Opta Trends not only delivers the teams W-D-L results for each punter query but goes one step further and calculates the profitability of backing a team using actual historical prices.  Additionally, profitability is measured and reported for betting Over/Uner 2.5 goals.

Another compelling feature allows users to save a list of profitable trends they uncover and receive automatic alerts whenever teams have an upcoming match where the trend is active.  This eliminates the need for complicated spreadsheets or manual calculations, and makes it easy for even the most casual punters to capitalise on historically profitable betting opportunities.