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Do you have club season review videos from past Premier League seasons? We are looking to compile some information on games from the past and are looking to get footage from old VHS copies for all teams in the Premier League from 1992-93 right through to 1998-99.

If you have this footage or know a friend or family member who has them, please get in touch by emailing info@optasports.com with the following info:

Name -

Email -

Telephone - 

Details of footage and format - 

Update - We are still very interested in getting hold of the following season reviews:

Barnsley 1997-98, Sheffield United 1993-94, Leicester City 1998-99, Crystal Palace 1997-98.  Blackburn Rovers  1998-99,Bolton Wanderers 1997-98, Nottingham Forest 1996-97 & 1998-99, Southampton1995-96

If you have any of these and are eager to help us out, please get in touch. 

Posted by Simon Banoub at 10:42