Live, accurate and detailed

Our data collection operation spans the globe and is undertaken by teams of local expert analysts.

2 - Number of defeats by English clubs in opening round of Champions League fixtures: 2004-05 to 2013-14: 2 2014-15: 2 Slump. 7 hours ago

2 - Between 04-05 & 13-14 English sides in the CL lost just two opening group games in total, as many as there have been this week. Slump. 8 hours ago

10 - Bayern's last 10 Champions League goals have come against teams from the Premier League. Nemesis. 9 hours ago

5 - Porto have scored five goals in a Champions League game for the first time since March 1994. Rare. 9 hours ago

5 - Roma have scored five goals in a Champions League game for the first time. Imperial. 9 hours ago

31 - All 31 of David Silva's passes in the first half vs Bayern reached a team-mate. Precision. 10 hours ago

2 - Gervinho has scored as many goals in one Champions League game for Roma as he did in 11 matches for Arsenal. Contrast. 10 hours ago

7 – Britt Assombalonga has now scored seven goals in his last six Championship games for Nottingham Forest. Update. 10 hours ago

6 – Britt Assombalonga has scored six goals in his last six Championship games for Nottingham Forest. Lethal. 10 hours ago

16 - Chelsea have now scored in each of their last 16 Champions League home games. Usual. 10 hours ago

The data collection process

A network of global collection centres

Our data is collected in specialist data collections centres across the world.

We believe that it is a unique combination of cutting-edge collection technology and passionate, skilled experts that make our data the most impressive available anywhere.

Combined with an in-stadia data collection operation for some sports, we use propietary software that allows for deep, quick and accurate collection.

Consistent proprietary methodology

Opta is the only sports data business that collects and distributes full, time-stamped, contextual data live, featuring complete x/y co-ordinates (as well as z co-ordinates where applicable, such as shots in football), and a granularity of event type unique amongst data providers.  

An obsession with accuracy

In football alone our data collection methods allow us to collect between 1,600 and 2,000 individual actions from every game.  This is all collected and delivered live.  Three expert analysts will cover each match, one collecting all of the home team actions, one the away team and a third analyst checking the data for consistency and adding additional layers of data.

There will also be a full post-match check in the 48 hours following the match to ensure that the databases are as accurate as possible.

Our analysts in action

Our expert analysts collect live data.

Our data is rigourously checked to ensure accuracy. 

Our live, proprietary data collection software promotes consistancy and accuracy.